AC Maintenance

One of the key lines of iFly Airline development is safety and reliability of its own fleet.
Our aircrafts are maintained by the worldwide known partners.


Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik started back in 1951. Having begun with maintenance of an ordinary flight and having had a couple of hangars the company sought worldwide recognition in the field of aircraft maintenance.

?We must be everywhere, where our customers are? is a motto of Lufthansa Technik, guiding by which the company has expanded up to the present days size being on the regional markets of various countries.


Sibir Technics, LLC

This AMO was established 1 January, 2005, as a successor of Tolmachevo airport maintenance base (Novosibirsk), keeping the best traditions of half-century Aircraft maintenance experience (Western Aircraft maintenance since the year 2002).

In March 2010 in Moscow during the Fifth International Conference devoted to the development of air-technical market in Russia and CIS, ?Sibir Technics? was awarded as the best aircraft maintenance and repair provider.


A new service "Business-hall" is available.

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