Duty Free Shop on Board

Aero-Trade Company offers to iFly passengers the delivery of Duty Free goods on board of the aircraft right to the passenger seat.

Dear iFly?passengers, you may choose any good you liked in our online catalogue at www.dutyfreerus.ru, place an order and your good will be waiting for you on board of the aircraft. To receive the article you should simply advise the flight attendant of a personal number of your order.

Your order will be executed, independently of the flight route and service class.

So, if you use this service you’ll get the obvious advantages:

And besides we’ll give you a 5% discount for all available goods.

We accept for payment on board:

Make use of Duty Free shop services on the website: www.dutyfreerus.ru and your travel with?iFly will be more comfortable.

PLEASE NOTE that Aero-Trade Company and I Fly Airline do not sell alcoholic drinks and tobacco products to persons under 18 years old. ?Remember that alcohol abuse results in harm to your health.


A new service "Business-hall" is available.

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